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I believe in wanderlust: a very strong or irresistible impulse or desire to travel the world. I’ve had the chance to travel to over 20 countries and nearly every region of the United States, and don’t see myself slowing down any time soon.

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I believe God writes the best stories. We can’t make this stuff up; it’s just too good and messy and beautiful and sometimes awful. Whatever your topic or style, I can easily adapt to learn your voice, your audience, and your agenda.

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I believe everything is made beautiful in its right time; sometimes, all it takes is changing the way we choose to view the world around us. I would love to hear your story, and create a space that reflects you and your personal, professional, or organizational style.

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Guatemala, My Love…

September 5, 2015No Comments

In the multiple countries I've been blessed to travel to, never did I have more peace and assurance

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photo by @itsjessicamiller

My {Unashamed} Love Affair With Citrus Zest

August 30, 2015No Comments

I'm still not sure why winter seems to drag on for-ev-errrr, while sweet summertime flies by with

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My Favorite Summer Recipes

August 9, 2015No Comments

Where has summer gone?! I don't know about you, but this season has flown by, and for once in my

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Freedom in Being-Off-The-Grid

July 7, 2015No Comments

  Who says you can't still climb trees and get scraped up knees, even a grown woman? WHO

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Fleeting June

July 1, 2015No Comments

{Rug from Target. And the lady at the nail salon told me the mole on my big toe means I'm a

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A Broken Hiatus + Manifesto

June 23, 20152 Comments

{Photo by Jay Carroll of @onetrippass via Instagram} Hiatus: "High-aye-tuss"; noun - a pause or gap

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A Recap: Plywood Presents

August 19, 20142 Comments

  {Plywood Presents 2014 took place at the Historic Fox Theatre in Downtown

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