A Recap: Plywood Presents


plywood{Plywood Presents 2014 took place at the Historic Fox Theatre in Downtown Atlanta}

Sometimes when we ask God for a way out, with ultimatums and disillusionment ruling our hearts and minds, He instead provides a way in.

That’s what happened when I learned I was able to attend Plywood Presents {for a fraction of the regular ticket cost, thanks to my good friends}. It’s a two-day conference in Atlanta that works to connect and instruct creative entrepreneurs under the idea that “we will be known by the problems we solve” as we open our eyes to see the unseen {Jeff Shinabarger}, and moreover, Atlanta’s entrepreneurs are “hopeful and helpful” {Sid Mashburn}, which gives many a reason to come and to stay.

On the breaks between sessions, I had the opportunity to help work my friend’s Purchase Effect booth, telling people about how our purchases have the ability to have purpose, if we’ll let them, by meeting and pouring into the people involved in the process, and going back to reinvest in their lives, their economies, and their eternities.


Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 10.00.12 PM{photo via Plywood Presents}

Here are some of my favorite take-aways:
+ If we change the world and lose our family, we lose.
+ See a better future. Proceed to create it.
+ Where do you find your worth? If it’s in your enterprise, you’re already in the red.
+ Live well; it’s the best revenge.
+ What will we be known for as the Western World? Mindless consumers, or significant changers?
+ Apathy is our biggest challenge; bring intentionality to life.
+ But what if we succeed?
+ What if we loved first and asked questions later, letting God sort them out?
+ Take the fears, grip them, and reframe them.
+ What do I mean when I say “boys will be boys”, and what do I want it to mean for my future sons?

Meeting Johnny Early of Johnny Cupcakes, and experiencing the Atlanta skyline from our hotel rooftop were some definite highlights!

photo-9{Design by @wildstandard, Photo by @FosterATL via Instagram}

And then there’s more! I can’t neglect to share these tid-bits with you either:

+ Ask hard questions. Be willing to give hard answers.
+ Pattern removes uncertainty and creates trust, and we’re homesick for an era of capitalism we trust.
+ Only when the clamor of the outside world is vanished, will you be able to hear the opportunity.
+ The same is not working.
+ Be open to serve in your pain.
+ Live your relationships in the light.
+ Create space to create.
+ Spend more time in cemeteries. If you only had 6 months left to live, what would you do?
+ Think like an editor: they don’t want the whole story-only the part that matters to their pages
+ Let defeat light a fire with a different spin on it.

Dale Partridge of Sevenly gave an extremely noteworthy talk on prioritizing people over profit, and all he has accomplished in his 29 short years made me realize I’ve been wasting time. Bonus: the swag bags we each received were filled to the brim with goodies, including some of my favorite things, pictured above.

And, fine. Because I #CantStopWontStop, here are just a few more things I took away: 
+The currency of encouragement spends longer than cash. & time is more valuable than money: you will get back more than your investment.
+ Don’t dictate. Shape.
+ Write a manifesto of core values that invite people into your “home”.
+ Sometimes we have to go back in order to go forward; but stay the course of your dream.
+ Make people {your customers} feel like it’s their birthday!
+ Collaboration = cross pollination.
+ Keep reinventing yourself.
+ Real success is being happy doing what you love.
+ Find something that is a part of your personality, and do that thing.
+ Leaving our immediate social circle creates magic.

photo-8{Atlanta skyline via our hotel rooftop, The Georgian Terrace}

Considering my ultimatum with God was “connect me to people who enrich and re-activate my passion, or else I will leave.” my getting to attend this event was a REALLY big deal to me, and to say I’m grateful is an understatement.

So I will leave you with this: 
“I’m not willing to accept the things I cannot change. I change the things I cannot accept.” 

P.S.- Won’t you come with me to next year’s Plywood Presents? I sure hope so, and will let you know when tickets go on sale.


  1. Kimberly R. Miller says

    Suzy, thank you for sharing these takeaways! I’ve been struggling with the same thing – wishing I could go ANYWHERE but here in ATL. Hearing that there actually are like-minded artists & entrepreneurs working hard here gives me hope that maybe that’s why God keeps telling me to stay. I would love to go next year!

    • suzy hachey says

      I love that you want to go and grow, Kimmy. It’s hard to stay put and “grow where we are planted”, eh? Praying you get a chance to visit the conference this year. It’s August 19th and 20th! :)

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